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    Figs & Rouge want to make a difference to your skin as well as the world around us.

                         We aim to help restore complexion, nourish your vitality &

                                        enhance your own personal glow


100% VEGAN

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We don’t just want to make a difference to your skin, we want to change the world too. Here’s how we’re doing things differently when it comes to running our business.

Love beauty but hate waste? Us too. That’s why we work with the guys (and gals)  1% for the Planet. They support nonprofits and charities dedicated to protecting the planet through recycling, reducing waste and caring about what they do. .


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We’ve also put our money where our mouth is, making donations to charities who focus on marine conservation and recovering plastic waste from the ocean, such as.....

Plastic Soup Foundation,

Plastic Oceans International,
Sea Changers
& Less Plastic.


Pink Clouds

100% VEGAN 

Since founded - 2006 

Pink Clouds

We’re just gonna say it: we love animals. That’s why all of our products are completely cruelty-free, never tested on animals and 100% vegan. Like you, we’re obsessed with our skincare but we don’t believe that looking good should make anyone or anything feel bad.

We did it properly too, so you can make sure we’re not just saying what you want to hear. We took the time to become PETA certified as cruelty-free and of course vegan. It’s one of the most globally recognised certifications and verifies that we don’t test on animals or include any animal ingredients in any of our products whatsoever.

Remember our donations to marine conservation charities? We haven’t forgotten the trees either. We donate to charities focused on reforestation and conservation projects, including Trees For All, City of Trees and Tree Sisters. Nature isn’t just something we throw on a bottle to sell skincare, we’re dedicated to showing the natural world some love.

Beach Showers


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We never stop, and neither does our dedication to being a sustainable business. We’re always reviewing the way our products are made and looking for the right partnerships to support the world around us. Got questions or sustainability suggestions? Just want a chat about the rainforest? Get in touch with us here.

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 U.K Vegan & Cruelty Free skincare brand, favoured by Brit celebrities including Emma Watson & Lizzy Jagger. Figs & Rouge never test products on animals & source all luxury grade vegan based raw materials ethically. All products are loving made & formulated in the UK.

For us it’s all about making our 100% Vegan, Peta Approved formulations results-driven. Whatever your skin type, concerns or shade.
Figs & Rouge products are always well crafted, considered and luxurious. We design to be inclusive rather than exclusive, and more importantly incredibly easy to use.
We are extremely fussy about how we source our raw materials. For this reason we use only the finest Vegan approved ingredients, including skin loving vitamins, all natural extracts, ethically sourced gemstones & clinically-proven actives,
We also believe in bringing original and intentional skincare routines to those who want a more mindful self-care experience.

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WE ALWAYS : use sustainable, luxurious ingredients to make a difference to your skin and always lovingly formulate all of our products in the UK.
WE NEVER : test on animals, cause harm to the world around us or put our name to products that we haven’t made ourselves.


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