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Apply to freshly cleansed skin before Moisturisers or skin Oils. Massage evenly into T-Zone & Congested areas until fully absorbed. Blend with Figs & Rouge Morning Revival Oil for a one-step Skin- Boosting Treatment.


Skin Beneficial Ingredients -

Witch Hazel – Key anti-bacterial action of Kaempferol found in Witch Hazel helps refine skins texture, purify complexion and ease irritation.

Rosehip Seed Oil– Natural exfoliative action of this wonder oil helps reduce dullness, improve cellular turnover to deliver a brighter glowing complexion.

Aloe – Soothing, anti-inflammatory action of the Aloe Leaf Gel ingredient helps control inflammatory processes, penetrate deep skin layers and prevent redness and irritations.

Chamomile – Powerhouse ingredient of hypoallergenic properties, Neutralising redness, inflammation and breakouts.

Ultra-lightweight, daily detoxifying, complexion refining & glow enhancing Serum. Designed to improve skin texture, refine & unclog pores.

Enhanced with a naturally exfoliating Rosehip, Witch Hazel & Salicylic Acid formulation, to brighten complexion daily.

Anti-inflammatory properties of Chamomile, Aloe & Vitamin E delivers a soothing treatment for even sensitive skin.


30ml  -  Rrp £35

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