Pore Clarifying Mineral [+] Detox Mask

Anti-Blemish Support - (Phase 2)


+ Specially Formulated to help eliminate impurities - draws out excess oils, de-clogs & minimises pores. Targets inflammation & breakouts, normalises skin tine & promotes a clearer, healthier complexion.
+ Phase System: 2 Restore. Potent complexion restoring solutions phase to target individual imperfections

Active Ingredients

+ French Kaolin Clay & Bentonite Minerals reduces skin impurities & detoxifies.
+ Sodium Salicylate Refines complexion.
+ Fucus Vesiculosus, Irish Moss & Algae Mineral rich compounds promotes Skin rejuvenation.
+ Phenylethanoids from Plantago Lanceolata provides an Anti-bacterial effect.


+ Detoxifying, De-clogging - Draws excess Oils & refreshes complexion.
+ Skin impurities are minimised & blemishes diminished.
+ Fights against spots & Blackheads & helps reduce pores.
+ Clinically proven ingredients that minimise blemishes & combats breakouts.

Size: 50ml
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