Clarifying Complexion 3 Step Kit

Proactive Optimiser for Blemish prone skin - (Phase 1/2/3)


+ Proactive Optimiser for Blemish, problematic & Acne prone skin.
+ Effective targeted skincare range to help normalise and re-balance complexion when inflammation & breakouts occur.
+ Phase systems: 1, 2 & 3. For complete - Cleanse, Restore & Hydration support.

Active Ingredients

+ Utilising highly dynamic ingredients including; Actosides & Keratolytics known for their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial & non-comedogenic effects.
+ F&R Pro-Acneal Flawless Skincare Solutions range helps provide an effective outcome for the problematic bio-dynamic triggers which result in breakouts.


+ F&R ProAcneal Anti Marks - Duo Action - Day cream 50ml
+ F&R ProAcneal Mineral [+] Detox Mask 50ml
+ F&R Pro-Clearance AHA [+] Renewal Solution 180ml
+ F&R Luxury Cotton Skincare Phase System Bag

Size: 50ml, 50ml & 180ml
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