Flawless Effects Activ Lumioux AM-PM Serum

'Smart Nutrient' Technology with Hyaluronic Acid & Vital Vitamins A,C&E - (Phase 2 Restore)


+ Infused with Anti-Oxidant & essential nutrition support – combined with Maximum moisturising Hyaluronic Acid. Helps support skins tone & elasticity to ensure an enhanced and flawless complexion.
+ Phase System: 2 Restore. Potent complexion restoring solutions phase to target individual imperfections.

Active Ingredients

+ Hyaluronic Acid Maximum moisture molecule.
+ Panthenoic Acid ensures optimal skin hydration.
+ Retinoic Acid from Vitamin A promotes even toned & smooth skin.
+ Tocotrienols from Vitamins C & E helps boost healthy collagen production.
+ Hydrosols from Witch hazel & Algae extract provide potent Anti-oxidant support against oxidative & age related skin damage.
+ Polysaccharides from Aloe provide powerful Anti-inflammatory support.
+ Bisabolol from Chamomile Reduces skin sensitivity & soothes irritation.


+ Delivers Support for optimal epidermal structure.
+ Helps Boost skin elasticity through healthy collagen production.
+ Provides Instant & Long lasting Maximum Hydration.
+ Nourishing Vitamin Complex protects against free radical damage for pre-age support.

Size: 50ml
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