[Ever Bright] Eye Cream

Hyaluronic & Retinoic Acids - Brightens & Depuffs for Ultimate Fine Line Reduction - (Phase 2 Restore)


+ Ever bight Eye Cream HA+ is a unique replenishing complex with a firming, lifting & brightening action. Helps minimise the appearance of lines & imperfections around the delicate eye area.
+ Phase System: 2 Restore. Potent complexion restoring solutions phase to target individual imperfections.

Active Ingredients

+ Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Molecule.
+ Retinoic Acid from Vitamin A promotes a healthy structure of the epidermis for smooth skin.
+ Tocotrienols from Vitamins C & E helps boost collagen production.
+ Omega 6 & 9 From evening primrose & Sweet Almond Oil increases Skins protective lipid barrier.
+ Phenolics From Shea butter for Antioxidant support.
+ Phytic Acid Inhibiting Melanin production to help reduce hyper-pigmentation.


+ Brightens & replenishes.
+ De-puffs & smoothes.
+ Hydrates & reduces fine lines in the delicate eye area.
+ Boosts Elasticity & promotes a more youthful appearance

Size: 15ml
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